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Pyrrhic Suite

For Clarinet in A and Piano


Performed by clarinetist Richard Faria and pianist Joshua Oxford at the 2010 Clarinetfest in Austin, TX. Recorded by Will Cicola.

Winner of the International Clarinet Association’s 2010 Composition Competition


Papageno's Dreams

For Two Bassoons and Piano

Commissioned by Kristin Wolfe Jensen, and dedicated to Kristin Wolfe Jensen and Lecolion Washington, who premiered this work with pianist Collete Valentine.


Performance by Kristin Wolfe Jensen, Lecolion Washington, Collette Valentine. From the Kristin Wolfe Jensen release Bassoons in Collaboration

Fourteen Impromptus for Prepared Piano

Performed by Kevin H. Gray, prepared piano.

Recorded on August 24, 2012 by Sonny Gentry. The piano used was a 1928 Steinway Model B.

Postproduction tweaks by Guy Hillyer


1. Inquisitive but Bristling
2. Kinesic Loquacity
3. Planar Slap-Dance
4. Antennae in Pulsation
5. Percussive Philosophies
6. Enshrouded Groupings
7. Muted Facets Yet Hover
8. Directional Structures
9. Furtive Abstrusity
10. Abstract Utterance
11. From Eastern Seas
12. Vernal Ritual
13. Polarized Topography
14. Sleep's Agenda

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