Kevin H. Gray (born 1956) is a composer and painter who has lived in Memphis since 1972. He studied composition with John Baur, and cites Messiaen, Xenakis, Carter, Nancarrow, Boulez, and Fukushima as particularly important compositional influences.

His long career as a collaborative pianist has likely led to the fact of chamber music dominating his compositional output. In recent years, he has concentrated primarily on the production of music for wind instruments and keyboards.

Gray's work, "Pyrrhic Suite" for clarinet in A and piano, was the winner of the International Clarinet Association's composition competition for 2010.

A single-composer program of Gray's bassoon works was presented at the 2010 Convention of the International Double Reed Society by bassoonists Lecolion Washington and Kristin Wolfe Jensen.

His enduring devotion to the furtherance of avant-garde perspectives, in both music and painting, fuels his unshakeable belief that many possibilities created by the twentieth century's myriad innovations in the arts have yet to be completely realized. This deeply-held conviction both permeates and drives his creative endeavors.

Scores for many of Mr. Gray's compositions are available as free downloads from the Compositions page, and inquiries concerning compositions not currently available for download, as well as inquiries about pricing, or other details, of Mr. Gray's paintings, may be directed to

Kevin is married to his wonderful partner and wife, Shelley Gray. His interests, beyond family, friends, music, and painting, include film, writing, travel, hiking, canoeing, and various social and environmental causes.